Greetings and welcome to the Zombie Nation! ZOMBIE MANOR is Moncton’s most INFECTIOUS attraction. Our highly detailed movie quality sets, stunning special effects and interactive performers will place YOU in your own Hollywood horror movie.

You may have seen us during the World Series on FOX, MTV, The Sportsman Channel, WFAA’s DAYBREAK, on MSNBC.com or perhaps in Haunted Attraction Magazine or GORE NOIR Magazine. Selected by HAUNTWORLD as one of their TOP RATED attractions.

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In the late 1800s, in the murky lowlands of Louisiana on the edges of Delacroix Island, a large Manor House stood proudly.  Tall and strong stood the heavy gates, and behind them the wealthy and powerful land owner Branson Delacroix; standing just as tall and strong.  But as he surveyed his holdings he knew the sea would eventually take them as it had before; so it was there deep in the marsh he decided to move his entire estate to the rolling hills of Texas.  And so it would be there, on a great plain, that Branson Delacroix built a vast estate. Upon the expansive land which extended beyond what the eye could physically see; he named his new domain the “Delacroix Estate”, and his new personal residence “Landrun Manor”.
Erected beside an old withered cemetery and a lush flowing creek (this is believed to be in the area now considered the Arlington-Mansfield corridor along US Highway 287), the estate boasted a song filled aviary, courtyards lined by colonnades and vast quarters for servants, and the Delacroix family; within it’s great halls.

Many of the Delacroix laborers oddly warmed up to having the manor built next to a cemetery.  One of the Delacroix house servants was a young and beautiful woman named Bedula.  A Haitian Creole, Bedula’s ancestors were steeped in the practice of voodoo and the spiritual rituals that come with it.  Her mother and her grandmother were highly regarded Bokor Sorcerers; outcasts from the Caribbean Mambo Priestesses.  Bedula’s great grandmother secretly taught young Bedula voodoo spells before she could even walk. Many of the Delacroix servants and field hands were well aware of Bedula’s amazing powers of perception, and her gift of healing even at such a young age.
When Bedula turned 17, she became Delacroix’s household manager.  She was responsible for supervising the staff for the Manor House.  This was a position of great honor and responsibility; it also meant Bedula had a room of her own in the manor.  She was no longer living amongst the other servants in the cramped and decrepit shacks seated at the edge of the estate. After several prosperous years had passed by, Bedula had settled into her new position of standing, and she worked in harmony with the Delacroix family.  But then Bedula fell in love with the manor stableman, Virgil Abraham, whom she soon married and blessed with child; they named Tamera.
As the years passed by Bedula’s young daughter, grew to become a beautiful and spirited woman.  But a fateful night befell her.  After a long night of drinking with some of the other wealthy landowners in town, Branson Delacroix’s long hidden passion for Tamara overcame him.  His ill-thought advance on the young house girl enraged Bedula.  She could not believe the man she had grown to trust and respect would dare such a vile act.  Bedula became so infuriated that her powers, buried away for nearly two decades, reared-up in a fury that the walls of Hell itself could not contain.  Erupting in a fit of rage, Bedula summoned the mystical prowess of days gone by.  She called upon her ancestors to strengthen her forgone powers to summon pure evil, and to infest Branson Delacroix as well as all within his reach.


A foreboding sense of dread soon spread throughout the Manor and its grounds as the nights chilled air rolled like a dark flow of blood on a Mortician’s Table.  Crops spoiled, livestock mysteriously died and an infectious plague overcame anyone who set foot on Delacroix soil.  Servants fell as the cold breath of death spread through the Manor and its lands.

thelegend02Strangely, even the “Dead” became cursed. Shortly following their last breath, the once lifeless corpses began to rise!  Bedula’s Haitian ancestors would have called them “Zonbi”.  These cursed souls were not really living nor dead; for some their souls were taken, for others it was their flesh.  It was not long before all within the Branson Delacroix’s reach was besieged by hordes of these so-called walking dead – real life ZOMBIES!

As the years and decades rolled by, Landrun Manor slowly rotted away into a dilapidated state of decay.  The landscape was slowly consumed; where once a proud Manor stood, now only an eerie memory of its once greatness remains.  None ventured near the Delacroix Estate; and all that dared to come close would eventually feel the chill, and know that an evil watches them.


Perhaps Bedula never left the Estate, still yearning to fill her bottles with the souls of the unfortunate; or has she herself come back from the dead.  Could there be something even more sinister, more vile, at work at Landrun Manor?  What has caused the dead to walk amongst us again?  No one may never know.  But should you dare to find the answer, to venture beside that overgrown cemetery, near that dry creek bed, you shall find the home of the original Walking Dead – deep inside ZOMBIE MANOR !