Zombie Manor Reviews will allow you to see what others have had to say after visiting Zombie Manor, the original Walking Dead haunted house!

You guys did a wonderful job! Went there this evening and my date and I were very pleased. We would definitely go back in a heartbeat.
       – Chad Parker – facebook

Zombie Manor is amazing as always! Great scares and zombies everywhere! I look forward to seeing these guys every year! Props and the crew are on point! If you haven’t been, you must go! I suggest getting a fast pass as the lines are always long.
       – Krista Navratil – facebook

Quite possibly my favorite haunted house I have ever visited. Amazingly detailed maze, impeccable makeup and completely committed actors. This is what all haunted houses should strive to be.
       – Chris Screws – facebook

It was awesome. I was laughing my butt of at my beautiful fiance who was screaming her butt off. Which I did not expect because she is a huge fan of the walking dead. The makeup was brilliant and the atmosphere was outstanding. The price was good as well.
       – Draqoonious Dragon – facebook

“We’ve gone 3 yrs. in a row now and it gets better every time. They have the best set design of any haunted house I’ve been to. It’s incredible what they do with such little space. If you live in DFW and you want a great haunted house go here!”
       – Joseph M. Vazquez

“Zombie Manor is far and away the best haunt in the north Texas area. You really get your money’s worth from the limited number of people allowed in at one time to the incredibly detailed rooms. The actors are epic too – they are not afraid to invade your personal space and elevate the tense atmosphere. Can’t wait till you guys open this season!”
       – Jamie Linder

“ZOMBIE MANOR was doing zombies long before AMC’s The Walking Dead and let me tell you; they do it well. The combinations of well placed startle scares, Hollywood style sets, and cutting edge special effects, would make you think you were in the latest George Romero movie. I have never seen so many actors in one attraction in my life. It was like a hoard of zombies attacking us from all directions. If you are able to visit only one haunt this year, I recommend that Zombie Manor should be the one.”
       – The Haunted

“The BEST Haunted House Experience I have ever had in my life. I HIGHLY recommend ZOMBIE MANOR in Arlington.”
       – 106.1 KISS FM

“…it was just “Perfect, baby. Perfect.”
       – Mansfield News-Mirror

“Zombie Manor brings something to DFW that is missing: a theme! Yes, there are others that have an overall driving theme, but they tend to sway now and again. Not Zombie Manor. Zombie Manor is the Alpha and Omega of Zombie creepy-ness in DFW! It’s a themed out trip into zombie land. Like, if DreamWorks wanted to do a haunt about Zombies, they would just take over Zombie Manor. It’s that flippin’ good.”
       – DFW Haunt

“Thanks for the awesome birthday guys! I loved everything and it was well worth the two hour drive we made from Ennis to see it. The reviews were completely spot on about the details and actors, which is rarely the case. I’ve been to a lot of haunts throughout my life and this was the best I’ve seen in a very long time. We will definitely be back! ” ♥
       – Jamie Lunder, Ennis, TX – facebook

“Went to Zombie Manor two Saturdays ago, and it was great! I loved how it was decorated, and that picture was AMAZING! Everyone was so nice, and I love how it focused around a theme! Great job, great price, great experience!!”
       – Erin Lea Putnam, Corsicana, TX – facebook

“The best time ever on Friday!! You guys have put a wonderful Haunting together and my family loved it!! Thank you for making our Friday night frightful!!”
       – Toni Grenier, Phoenix, AZ – facebook

“Great job guys and gals. went there saturday. very impressed with the production value.”
       – Joseph M Vasquez, Euless, TX – facebook

“Hands down the best Haunted House I’ve been to. This place is a no holds barred zombie fest that will absolutely make your entire month of October a month to remember!!! Don’t take my word for it. Cruise on out to Arlington and check this place out. Definitely must see!!!”
       – Jimmy Blunt, McKinney, TX – facebook

“This IS the place to see for high quality artistry, design, and attention to detail. We would love for all the haunt owners in DFW to take the Zombie Manor as a prime example of perfectly detailed and consistent design. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. Zombie Manor sets the bar so high that everyone should appreciate every second of this amazing design. We recommend this haunt to everyone, and we have yet to hear anyone disagree with our praise.”
       – Metal Momma

“Oh I love this haunt! We all had a really good time. The actors make this haunt, along with all the detail, but those actors are phenomenal! Amazing how you go from one haunt where they are screaming in your ear to one where they don’t hardly speak at all and it is the second one that is the scariest. Such a huge difference. We all really love Zombie Manor!”
       – Elle8

“Zombie Manor has created one of the most detailed and beautifully crafted sets over most of the haunts in DFW. Zombie Manor provides the traditional haunt house feel, with some not-so-traditional tactics to keep you on edge and begging for more.”
       – DFWHauntedHouses

“THIS IS A MUST SEE HAUNT providing “themeness” at its best! This is a full blown Hollywood quality haunt.”
       – DFWScarefactor

“Zombie Manor is building a name for themselves with their attention to detail, and this will be what sets them apart.”

“…after going to a few other haunts this weekend made us really appreciate the high level of production quality put into Zombie Manor. You don’t see that too often in a lot of modern haunts.”
       – Jason K., Austin, TX

“This NEW ample walk-thru experience was fantastic. Every person convinced you they were created to play that role and the atmosphere was above and beyond awesome.”
       – Cheryl, Arlington, TX

“I was thrilled they only let in small groups… I do not think I have seen this much detail… We walked away from this one saying literally that THIS was what a haunt should be like!”
       – twinsmon, junior member, DFW Haunted Houses

“Realism combined with unexpected scares really brings this haunt to life… Zombie Manor is magnificent and is one of the few themed haunts in the area.”
       – Mortimer The Mangler